Travel Belarus

If you are going to make a trip on your motorcycle around Belarus you have to know some important information. It’s just to be sure that’s all is ok. This common information will help you to arrange your journey and get satisfaction of it. Also feel free to ask us any question of this trip — we will replay as soon as possible.

Belarus is the country in the centre of Europe between the Euro Union and Russia. The official name is the Republic of Belarus. Population is about 10 millions people. The dimension is about 700 km from west to east (on the roads) and 700 from north to the south. You only need one day to pass this country, but there are too much interesting things to see.

Don’t be afraid of a trip around Belarus. It is quite secure country with normal level of criminals (just like in the EU or in the UK). Minsk is the capital of the Republic of Belarus and it is the largest city of the country with population about 2 millions people (like Warsaw or Kiev).
Keep in mind to pass the border you will have to get visa. You can read here how to get it. After all, another one thing you also have to have is… money. Unfortunately every service or thing cost money as worldwide.

Traditions in belarussian motorcyclist’s culture and some road tips.

1. If you see other motorcyclist passing by you have to rise you hand — it’s the common greetings. This will be enough to say «hello, brother».

2. When you have passed the road police on duty you have to passing with your headlights to another cars or motorcycle. In this case you will tell them : «Beware! There are the road police! Be careful and don’t get them a chance to fine you». It’s a good manner:-) they will rise a hand in answer (it means «thank you, brother»).

3. When you see the motorcyclist has stopped on the side of the road, maybe he needs some help. Find some time to stop nearby and ask if he needs in it. Just to be sure. And also any one else motorcyclist will stop to arrange some help or rescue you.

4. Attention! The drunk riding is strongly prohibited! Do not ride your motorcycle even after one glass of beer. The road police can stop and check you any time for that reason. The fine is about 1000$ and they can seize your motorbike and you will never get it back.

5. Keep speed limits: in cities and villages your speed is redused  60 km per hour, on other roads is 90 km/h if there are no another sights.

6. You have always let the pedestrian to cross the road even when there are no «zebras». Don’t forget that in Belarus pedestrian is always right. And in the most road accidents the driver is guilty.

7. You have always wear your helmet. It is the law. The fine is about 10$.

8. The road cameras are working. Do not exceed the speed limit.

9. There are some toll roads in Belarus. The actual information you can find here.

10. If you have lost your way, don’t be shy and ask the right way. Young people know «survival» English and able to tell you necessary information.

11. In Belarus we have right-hand road traffic.

Useful life tips in Belarus, or all you have to know for a good trip.

1. The official and the main currency is belarussian ruble. All the prices in the Republic are shown in rubles. The currency exchange rates up to date you can the here. All the banks exchange dollars, euros and Russian rubles. And there no problem to converted them in the national currency.

2. The common fuel is gasoline and diesel. The fuel stations always have gasoline 92 octane (RON-92) and 95 octane (RON-95). Both are of good quality, but for the modern motorcycles the 95 is preferred. The last one costs about 0,8 dollar per liter. There are enough gas station in belarus, don’t worry:-P it’s Europe

3. The tarmac is good enough… not like in Germany or Poland but it’s OK. You don’t need to ride hardenduro bike. Our roads are much more better than in Ukraine and Russia.

4. Drinking alcoholic drinks is strongly prohibited in any social place (i.m. streets, bus stops and so on), the fine is very high. So try to avoid it. Normal famous bottle of beer costs about 1$ in shops and 2-3$ in cafes.

If you are planning trip to Belarus

Please, feel free to ask all the questions about how to get, what to see and where to stay. If you are intend to visit some motorcycle festival but couldn’t the info — write to us we will replay you as soon as possible! It’s free and will be always free!